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Clippity clop! A follow-up to the color situation.

Lindsey was showing me a dress she bought at Target and we got onto the subject of colors again. I like to make fun of her for her earth tones, though it’s equally easy to make fun of someone who enjoys pairing orange shorts with yellow tank tops.

This anecdote references the cake anecdote I relayed in the previous post:
L: “You’re not allowed to design our wedding cake!”
R: “What! Why?”
L: “Just based on your previous cake experience.”
R: “Everyone loved that cake! I said the colors would be pink, orange, and yellow, and people were like what? but they loved it! Loved it.”
L: “Okay.”
R: “It looked amazing.”
L: “Really.”
R: “It looked like your pony t-shirt.”

This is Lindsey's pony t-shirt.

L: “Oh!” ::pause:: “Well now I kind of like that idea.”
R: “It could have lightning bolts.”
L: “Clippity clop! Clippity clop!”
R: “We should put it up on the blog for a vote.”
L: “No.”
R: “Yes.”

Please vote in the comments: Lindsey and Rachel should have a pony and or unicorn and or lightning bolt themed wedding cake, yes or no?