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Classy, kids, that’s how we roll.

We’re deciding on a venue. While we ourselves have strong (often conflicting– who loves floral!) opinions in most designs matters, we don’t have a firm aesthetic vision for this wedding (“nice” is up there though). This means that the venue will pretty much determine the look of the ceremony and reception.

We have narrowed down the list to two. Okay, actually, these two were the only ones on the list to begin with. Still, there are deliberations. Rock and roll? White cube?

Option one: the River Music Experience. It’s a cool concert venue, the whole

Redstone Room at the RME

second floor is east to rent, there’s a separate room where it’d be easy to have the ceremony, they have awesome sound and video screens, it’s very mingling friendly, and they have neat stuff on display (like Jimmy Hendrix’s hat, and a scale replica of a riverboat!). Downsides is that the layout is weird, with a separate room, an odd-shaped open area, and then the concert room itself. Also, the rental contract is pretty relaxed and reasonable. They don’t have a lot staff, so we’d need to bring in more people to help.

Option two has been our first choice: the Figge Art Museum. It’s very modern

Figge Art Museum (New York Times Company)

Minimalist, all clean lines and spacious and open, has a view of the riverfront, an open patio, and you can rent access to all the galleries very reasonably. It would be a bit more expensive. Catering is entirely in-house, and it doesn’t have the AV equipment the River Music Experience has. It also has terrible sound, which vexes me. Glass walls, high ceilings, and terrazzo flooring is all quite echoey.

If we  get our act together, we should have it settled by next week. Lindsey has also been in full dress-finding mode. The excitement never ends here, let me tell you.


We’re fixing things up around here. There are new updates to the blog theme and some tweaks to the widget-y goodness along the right there. Any thoughts? I can move things around, tell me if something looks bad. There were also a few edits made to the About and 1 Mile March sections, in the header above. Real-content post is coming soon.

Another Day of Decision

In November, 2008, residents of California voted to pass Proposition 8, effectively halting same-sex marriages in the state.

The measure’s passage catalyzed a nation-wide movement of protests. From Wyoming to New Hampshire, Florida to Minnesota, in groups from 12 to 1,200, the LGBTQA community stood up and declared love valid. Meanwhile, the 10,000 or more same-sex couples married in California waited for the California Courts to determine the status of their relationship.

In May, 2009, the state Supreme Court ruling came down and the community again stood up. The Supreme Court validated the passage of Proposition 8, banning same-sex marriage in California. The thousands of already married couples remain married, an odd reminder of California’s one-time tolerance. Rallies again spread out over the country. Here is a video from Chicago’s rally on that “Day of Decision” last March:

That Chicago rally was organized by Join the Impact Chicago. (Join the Impact was the original netroots-to-grassroots organizers of the Prop 8 protests.) The Prop 8 case has moved through various legal wranglings since then, and was debated in federal court as Perry v. Schwarzenegger. This excellent FAQ can help with the case particulars in a quick read.

JTIC is organizing once more.

Today, Judger Walker, a U.S. District Court judge in California, will issue his ruling in the Proposition 8 lawsuit. This is a federal opinion. Today. At 6pm, Wednesday, August 3, 2010 in Daley Plaza, Chicagoans of all stripes, of all backgrounds, from every part of our rainbow alphabet, will rally in opposition to Prop 8 and in support of legal recognition for queer partnerships.

Chicago, IL (FB event): At Daley Plaza
Champaign, IL: At Alma Mater Statue
Madison, WI: At Johnson and State
Cleveland, OH: At Bounce/Union Station
Ohio City, OH: At Union Station
Tulsa, OK: At 621 E 4th St
Rex Wockner has more, of course. (big ol’ h/t to A. Crain for the links on these sister rallies!)