Monthly Archives: September 2010

The White Cube

Main Floor of the Figge Art Museum

If you’re into art history, modern art, museumology, place/space studies, or works that create paradigm shifts in thinking, you might like this collection of essays by Brian O’Doherty: The White Cube.

If you’re into our wedding, you might like to know that after a few weeks of email tag and voicemails, we got everything squared away to rent the Figge as our wedding and reception venue. Now everything else we’re thinking of has a place to live. Yaaaay.

The visual possibilities in an art museum are interesting. The whole room is essentially a blank space, with a couple of large but generally innocuous installation pieces as punctuation. I’m counting on my theater design peeps to chip in with design ideas and solutions (nothing can be attached to, or basically touch, the walls). Who likes up-lighting!

All I Do is Win

If you’re going in…

What a Smart Monkey

We sent out our Save the Date emails in the past couple weeks. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experiment in HTML email campaigns. We used Mail Chimp, which was easy and has pretty nifty ways of tracking responses. Even awesomer, it’s free all the time, unless you send more than 3,000 emails a month to more than 500 people. In which case, you are more popular than me.