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Kindly reply by Post

Lindsey and I have been designing our wedding invites for like forever. Partially because we had a lot of disagreements over it, partially because we both feel strongly about fonts. We spent an inordinate amount of time a few weeks ago looking for a font that would allow for a specific ligature (a combination of two characters/letters into one discrete character). We finally found it, but then had to fiddle with saving the text as an image, or we wouldn’t actually be able to print them anywhere.

An absorbing, short read on ligatures can be found here.
While you’re at it, a treasure trove of decorative flourishes can be found at the aptly named From Old Books.org.

Anyways, our invites are nerdy. If I’m feeling ambitious I’ll post an image of it after the wedding. For now they’re going to be a surprise. They aren’t fancy, but I hope you like them. We printed them at Kinko’s because we ball like that. Nerd out.

The White Cube

Main Floor of the Figge Art Museum

If you’re into art history, modern art, museumology, place/space studies, or works that create paradigm shifts in thinking, you might like this collection of essays by Brian O’Doherty: The White Cube.

If you’re into our wedding, you might like to know that after a few weeks of email tag and voicemails, we got everything squared away to rent the Figge as our wedding and reception venue. Now everything else we’re thinking of has a place to live. Yaaaay.

The visual possibilities in an art museum are interesting. The whole room is essentially a blank space, with a couple of large but generally innocuous installation pieces as punctuation. I’m counting on my theater design peeps to chip in with design ideas and solutions (nothing can be attached to, or basically touch, the walls). Who likes up-lighting!

Clippity clop! A follow-up to the color situation.

Lindsey was showing me a dress she bought at Target and we got onto the subject of colors again. I like to make fun of her for her earth tones, though it’s equally easy to make fun of someone who enjoys pairing orange shorts with yellow tank tops.

This anecdote references the cake anecdote I relayed in the previous post:
L: “You’re not allowed to design our wedding cake!”
R: “What! Why?”
L: “Just based on your previous cake experience.”
R: “Everyone loved that cake! I said the colors would be pink, orange, and yellow, and people were like what? but they loved it! Loved it.”
L: “Okay.”
R: “It looked amazing.”
L: “Really.”
R: “It looked like your pony t-shirt.”

This is Lindsey's pony t-shirt.

L: “Oh!” ::pause:: “Well now I kind of like that idea.”
R: “It could have lightning bolts.”
L: “Clippity clop! Clippity clop!”
R: “We should put it up on the blog for a vote.”
L: “No.”
R: “Yes.”

Please vote in the comments: Lindsey and Rachel should have a pony and or unicorn and or lightning bolt themed wedding cake, yes or no?

Pink, pink, and… pink.

I promise not everything on this blog is going to be boring stuff about equal rights and politics and religion and truth. Some of it will be important wedding stuff, like: colors.

Now, if you know Lindsey and I you may have noticed a certain difference in the types of colors we favor. One might be called, oh, say, “earth tone” and the other, more… “primary”. If you don’t know us, feel free to guess who is who. Here is a clue: When I (Rachel) was graduating from eighth grade, my sister let me pick the colors for the cake for our joint graduation party. I picked orange, yellow, and pink. It looked smashing.

Fortunately, we came to consensus on wedding colors fairly quickly. They are a spectrum of pinks, and gray:

Those aren’t exactly the shades of pink in play, but they’re close enough. We’re saying a fuschia, a medium pink, and a light pink, with a cloud gray.

There is still much debating room in how we employ these colors (particularly the fuschia). (Back me up here though, fuschia is an awesome color, yeah?) I’m terribly excited though because colors means we are one step closer to picking clothes.

As an aside, let me point you to this Wikipedia entry on pink, where you can learn how pink once referred to a yellow hue, and other interersting trivia.

Finally, because I do like the links, and because I know that you need to move on with your internetting, here’s a blog about color (ok, it’s about interior design, but it’s about color) that I like: Colour Me Happy.