Monthly Archives: February 2011

The dance-dance

There was a blizzard in Chicago a few weeks ago. Perhaps you heard? Lindsey and I did what anyone would do, faced with several hours of pummeling wind and thundersnow keeping us house-bound: we cleaned the apartment! And made a list of songs to play at the reception!

Yaaaay! And now, a highly parenthetical post:

Seriously, it was so much fun. We have a good list of music and songs we want to play, both during some chatty-mingly time and during the dance-dance time. We’re staying mostly away from jazzy standards (my tolerance for Bobby Darinesque crooning was a casualty of my job in a coffee shop) and leaning more on acoustic singer/songwriters for the chatty-mingly. We both like sad songs, which we need to keep in balance with happy sounds, so the evening isn’t depressing (I think that means nothing from Tallahassee). There’s going to be a lot of pop music, obviously, in the dance-dance. Also, Lindsey likes really gay music. She wants musical theater numbers. True story. I might insist that we end the night on the song that I’ve decided to end every night in my future gay club with, and that song is Wham!’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go”.

More suggestions? We wants em.

There are so many questions– like, can you play Bjork and not piss people off? What about hip-hop songs that do not celebrate the virtues of commitment and monogamy? Is this going to be the best Harris party of all time? Profanity… (when do kids fall asleep) (I don’t think Peaches is going to make the cut)?

Also, a poll: How much Madonna is too much Madonna?
a Any
b 2-3 songs
c Not possible
d The entire Ray of Light album played through

(In mostly unrelated news, guys, the new Lady Gaga song has so many things that need saying. And the new Britney! Have you seen her video!)