Equal Rights

Civil Unions
Rachel and Lindsey share their reaction to Illinois’ civil unions law with Time Out Chicago: see article here.
You can also read the blog reaction here: Wait, what?

1 Mile March
From the Press Release:

On Friday, June 4 at 2:00pm, Rachel Miller, of Chicago, IL, and Lindsey O’Brien, of Moline, IL, a same-sex couple from Illinois will apply for a marriage license at the Rock Island County Marriage Bureau in Rock Island, IL. Same-sex marriage is not recognized under Illinois statute. Following the denial of their
license, Rachel and Lindsey will march with friends one mile over the Centennial Bridge across the Mississippi River to Iowa and apply for their license at the Scott County Marriage Bureau in Davenport,
IA. Same-sex marriage has been recognized in Iowa since 2009. After filing for their marriage license, the group will return via the same route to Illinois, and convene at the Quad Citians Affirming Diversity office at 1608 2nd Ave, Rock Island, IL to view a short documentary on equal marriage in Iowa, Heartland Transport. Discussion on issues of equal rights in Illinois and Iowa will follow the documentary screening.

This action is open to the public. It is meant to raise awareness about the continued need for federal recognition of same-sex marriage. Though same-sex marriage is recognized in Iowa, all legal marriage rights dissolve halfway across the Mississippi. The march highlights the legal and emotional distance one mile can span.

Rachel and Lindsey maintain a blog at rlwed.wordpress.com on issues of equal marriage in the Midwest. Heartland Transport is a film by Cody Stokes, featuring Ed Reggi and Scott Emanuel, and sixteen other Missourian couples who travel to Iowa to legally wed.

Lindsey & Rachel + Friends (John Schultz/Quad-City Times)

The blog report post is here.
Photos from the Argus-Dispatch here here, and here.
Argus-Dispatch (QC Online) video interview.
Quad City Times news article.
QC Times short video.

5 responses to “Equal Rights

  1. This is so awesome. Have a great day, Rachel and Lindsey!

  2. Be sure to go to the Recorder’s Office in Iowa, NOT the clerk’s office. In any Iowa county, it is the Recorder’s Office that couples apply for marriage. There is a three day waiting period and a witness must be present. http://www.scottcountyiowa.com/recorder/marriage.php

  3. @Mitch Thanks for catching that! Yes, the Recorder’s Office is at 600 W 4th St, right next to the Clerk’s Office at 400 W 4th.

    @Erin Thanks! Protests and Iowa, what Grinnellian wouldn’t be proud 🙂

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  5. Lol I also just noticed I wrote Argus-Dispatch on one line and Dispatch-Argus on the other. Splitting the difference?

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