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Dressed Up

Perhaps surprisingly, it did not take us very long to settle on wedding dress decisions. Lindsey bought her wedding dress a few months ago (on sale, as it happened to luck out).

Hello Kitty is very cute.

I bought mine on Tuesday. If you are in the innest inner circle, maybe you have seen them. (I’m sure you can confirm or deny Hello Kitty rumors.) The dresses are on the very short list of Things I Can’t Put on the Blog, so I can’t post pictures or say much else.

So, Lindsey never gets this question (maybe I’m wrong!), but I get it a lot. Are you going to wear a dress? And yes, yes I am. I’m hot good lookin’ in a dress.

Okay. Maybe I am a little dykey.

At Oggi's in Guangzhou, after "gay prom".

I heart men’s clothing. Actually, it took me kinda a long time to figure out that I’m gay, because I think guys are really attractive. It took me a while to realize that I want to be sexy like a man, not have sex with a man. And when I finally learned what “transgender” was, things became a lot clearer for me. No, I’m not trans, but it did take me a minute figure out also that while I want to dress like a man, I don’t want to be a man.

So, if I dress like a dude 90% of the time, love men’s clothes, and would rather spend $100 on Cole Haan shoes than makeup brushes, what’s the deal with wearing a dress at my wedding? It’s a lot of smaller reasons. I actually kind of like wearing dresses. Finally, after years and years of resenting them, I like it. Now, I get to choose when and if I wear a dress (and I rarely do). I like that I look good in a dress, and I will wear them for the right occasion. I like looking like I’m getting married. I also like proving to people that I can– I can wear a dress as good as you, I can walk in heels. (And I have some fierce looking legs when I wear heels, for the record.) I can be a woman and wear men’s clothing, and I can be butch and wear a dress. I feel more like I’m cross-dressing in a dress than I ever do in a tie, but I can work it queen, *snap*snap*snap.

I can’t do my makeup though; Lindsey does that for me.

For more stylish ‘mos, you can check out a few of the hip butch/dyke fashion sites on our fair internet:
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Prairie Modern

We are walking a fine line, friends. Lindsey’s parents came to visit a couple weekends ago. Aside, from eating at Giordano’s (which I have not done since…?), the highlight of the visit was talking with her dad about who the new manager of the Cubs might be. It is a particularly fun subject for me to discuss, because I neither know enough nor care enough about the Cubs to get too emotionally invested.

Right, focus: wedding blog. Aside from all that, the highlight of the parents’ visit was a chat on wedding decorations. Lindsey’s mom is a things-finding savant, and is busy picking up items to use as table decorations. We had a good long chat about square glass vases + natural arrangements (herbs, flowers, rocks, tall grasses). Lindsey and I agree on very few things, aesthetics wise. Early- to mid- century modern (okay, everyone likes that right now), is one, as is an unironic love for the Midwest. Which means we’ll use our pretty glass box of a venue and its nice, standard turn-of-millennium minimalism as a canvas for… prairie modern. That is a fine line. We just have to keep it in Prairie Modern territory and out of Prairie Home.

I’m worried, but I kind of love it. Clean lines, organic arrangements, simple color scheme. This is good, right?