The Visuals

Oooh yay. So, I’ve been putting off telling you all about our photographers because they were laboring over a new website. It’s launched! Joshua Ford Photography is run by Josh and Aimee and they are two awesome cats. Like, shark-cats awesome. They also happen to be good pals with Lindsey’s brother and sister-in-law, which is how we met them. They also happen to have one of the cutest little dudes on Earth.

They also happen to have gotten married at the Figge in January, and shot other events there, so they know what’s good in that space. Lindsey and I have a lot of misgivings about photographers. Too much looking cute and coordinated… The Fords’ style (lots of portraits, lots of geometry, lots of Photoshop coloring and technique) gives us something to look at without worrying about whether everyone nailed the correct Charlie’s Angel pose assigned them. I have fond nostalgic memories of high school friends dragging too-big (still film!) Nikons to local punk and rock shows, and I feel pretty comfortable that this is going to be kind of a grown-up version of that.

Check out their Facebook page too, tons more images there. Congrats on the site Josh, it looks sweet.

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