And the Cake Said Yay

The title of this post refers to an anecdote, which is relayed in this earlier post here. The pink and yellow cake had Yay! very simply in orange piping. Yay.

So yeah! When we went to Moline, Davenport, and Bettendorf (sorry Rock Island, maybe next time) awhile ago to talk with wedding vendors, we met with some cake ladies on Monday morning. They’re a mother-daughter team. They operate their cake-making out of their house, of which I wholly approve. Lindsey’s grandma was a cake lady out of her basement, back in the day, so it’s a trade we appreciate.

We picked them to begin with because they have a functional website and a good Facebook page. Look at all these pictures! Seriously, the number of dumb, useless websites we Lindsey looked at are almost worse than the number of businesses that have no website at all.

Sara and Liz were very nice to meet with, and everything was well put-together. They have this slightly too perfectly Midwestern of the late-90’s house. Blond toddler, black lab, floral-print linoleum in the kitchen, wall-to-wall carpeting in the living room, wall paper with cottage-print border, a hutch of knick-knacks, a sofa throw that said God Bless This Home, the works. They were very sweet, and Sara took us through a slideshow of different cake designs and ideas. We knew to start that we wanted cream frosting and not fondant, probably round, at least three layers, and no columns or other props. The cake is more important to Lindsey, so I deferred to her opinion on things, but we both like what we decided on.

There are three round layers, all white with pink accents. The top and bottom layers have diagonal crosshatching, but the lines are etched in, not piped on. It comes to a sort of quilted effect. At the intersections of the lines, there will be small pink sugar pearls. The middle layer will have a piped drop design—a sort of bunting border, with lines of dots dropping from the border.

(c) Sara Lynn's Cakes

You can see it in the middle layer of the cake in this photo, though overall our cake looks different.

And you know what’s great? Getting to eat like six different kinds of cake. Especially in bits small enough where you can eat them all and not get too full. They put out a spread of white, strawberry, chocolate, lemon, almond poppyseed, mint chocolate, double chocolate, white chocolate, champagne, and cherry chip. I tried them all but the lemon, mint chocolate, and double chocolate. They were all excellent. I really liked the champagne, but thought it would be too much for a whole slice, and the cherry chip which tasted like Funfetti birthday cake. Mmm Funfetti. I didn’t like the white chocolate, because I think I’m realizing that I don’t really like white chocolate very much. The almond was one of my favorites, but in the end we decided on white and strawberry. The bottom and top layers will be white, and the middle will be strawberry.

Hot tip for blog readers, this means there’ll be fewer slices of strawberry to go around, so if you want some, step up early.


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