Prairie Modern

We are walking a fine line, friends. Lindsey’s parents came to visit a couple weekends ago. Aside, from eating at Giordano’s (which I have not done since…?), the highlight of the visit was talking with her dad about who the new manager of the Cubs might be. It is a particularly fun subject for me to discuss, because I neither know enough nor care enough about the Cubs to get too emotionally invested.

Right, focus: wedding blog. Aside from all that, the highlight of the parents’ visit was a chat on wedding decorations. Lindsey’s mom is a things-finding savant, and is busy picking up items to use as table decorations. We had a good long chat about square glass vases + natural arrangements (herbs, flowers, rocks, tall grasses). Lindsey and I agree on very few things, aesthetics wise. Early- to mid- century modern (okay, everyone likes that right now), is one, as is an unironic love for the Midwest. Which means we’ll use our pretty glass box of a venue and its nice, standard turn-of-millennium minimalism as a canvas for… prairie modern. That is a fine line. We just have to keep it in Prairie Modern territory and out of Prairie Home.

I’m worried, but I kind of love it. Clean lines, organic arrangements, simple color scheme. This is good, right?

3 responses to “Prairie Modern

  1. Definitely more desert-modern, than prairie-modern, I still think you’ll appreciate some of the design choices our friends Sara & Ryan (Ryan is Brian’s cousin) made for their Palm Springs wedding last spring.

  2. Native plants? My boy might be able to help you if you need advice on what’ll be in season, available.

    • Yes absolutely that’d be awesome. Lindsey’s mom is a miracle gardener, but it’s a bit of an awkward time for plants because it’s so early in the summer.

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